Introducing IceFLOE® OASIS 240 and IceFLOE® OASIS 360 AIO Coolers

Tempe, January 2024 — Today marks a groundbreaking moment for cooling technology enthusiasts as we proudly unveil our latest innovation, the IceFLOE® OASIS 240 and IceFLOE® OASIS 360 liquid coolers, in early 2024.

Key Features of IceFLOE® OASIS AIO Liquid Coolers:

1. ARGB Gen 2 Fan: Dive into a world of mesmerizing lighting effects that elevate the aesthetics of your cooling solution.


2. Performance Excellence: The IceFLOE® OASIS AIO liquid coolers deliver exceptional performance with a wide range of specifications. Operating at speeds ranging from 200 to 2200 RPM, they boast an impressive airflow of 76.74 CFM, a low noise level of 28.9 dBA, and a static pressure of 2.08 mm H2O. This ensures efficient and quiet cooling for your system.


3. Durable PWM Pump: The heart of the IceFLOE® OASIS AIO liquid coolers is a robust PWM pump capable of reaching speeds of up to 3100 RPM. This ensures optimal liquid circulation, contributing to the cooling efficiency of your system while maintaining durability over the long term.


4. 360-Degree Rotatable Pump Cover: Achieve perfect aesthetic alignment regardless of installation orientation. The innovative 360-degree rotatable pump cover allows for seamless integration into any build, providing a sleek and unified appearance.

Stay tuned for the official release date in 2024, as we prepare to redefine liquid cooling with the IceFLOE® OASIS series. For more information and updates, please visit our Website.


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