9225 Axial Fan Basic

Connector option:

PH 2.0mm (2-4PIN), XH 2.54mm (2-4P), KF 2510 2.54mm (2-4P), VH 3.96mm (2-4P)


Feature option:

auto restart, limited current, rotate detection, temperature control

Fan Cert 1
MODELBearing TypeRated Voltage
Operating Voltage Range
Rated Current
Rated input Power
Rated Speed
Maximum Air Flow
Maximum Air Pressure
ICTA9225L05SSleeve54.5 ~
ICTA9225L12SSleeve127 ~
ICTA9225L24SSleeve2414 ~
ICTA9225L48SSleeve4828 ~ 560.052.40210037.082.5325
ICTA9225M05SSleeve54.5 ~
ICTA9225M12SSleeve127 ~
ICTA9225M24SSleeve2414 ~
ICTA9225M48SSleeve4828 ~ 560.052.40245043.793.2530
ICTA9225H12SSleeve127 ~
ICTA9225H24SSleeve2414 ~
ICTA9225H48BTwo Ball4828 ~ 560.062.88285051.214.5034
ICTA9225X12BTwo Ball127 ~
ICTA9225X24BTwo Ball2414 ~
ICTA9225X48BTwo Ball4828 ~ 560.094.32320057.925.6238
ICTA9225Y12BTwo Ball127 ~ 13.80.404.80380067.807.6745
ICTA9225Y24BTwo Ball2414 ~

Dimension Drawing

dim A9225A

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