12038 Axial Series A2

Connector option:

PH 2.0mm (2-4PIN), XH 2.54mm (2-4P), KF 2510 2.54mm (2-4P), VH 3.96mm (2-4P)


Feature option:

auto restart, limited current, rotate detection, temperature control

Fan Cert 1
Item No.Bearing TypeOperating
Voltage (VDC)
Operating Voltage Range (VDC)Rated
Current (Amp)
Rated Input
Power (Watt)
Rated Speed (R.P.M.)Maximum Air Flow (CFM)Maximum
Air Pressure (mmH2O)
Noise (dB-A)
ICTH12038BL12BTwo Ball127.0 to 13.80.354.202500120.100.27544.9
ICTH12038BM12BTwo Ball127.0 to 13.80.9411.283500170.730.56754.3
ICTH12038BH12BTwo Ball127.0 to 13.82.0624.724500219.50.93661.7

Dimension Drawing

PQ Curve

12038A 12038B

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