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If you wish to receive one for free please follow the instructions below.

For North American Customers

You can purchase the kits directly from the following amazon link here. 

If you would like a free upgrade kit please fill out the following form and we will reach out to you directly with the appropriate information. 

You will need to provide proofs of purchase for both an IceSLEET® cooler and a LGA1700 motherbord. Those who fill out the form and are verified will recieve their free kit although shipping charges will still apply.

Should you have any issues submitting this form, please directly contact our support team by email (info@iceberg-thermal.com).

Please make sure to include all requested data (full name and email address, product name and date of purchase, etc.) and supply the required invoice in attachment (max. 500 kB).

For International Customers

In order to receive free upgrade kits, please reach out to the distributor or reseller where you purchased our products from and they will provide you with the necessary information. You will still need to provide proofs of purchase for both an IceSLEET® cooler and the LGA 1700 motherboard and shipping charges will likely apply.


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5, 6

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AMD, Intel

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X Series

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CPU cooler

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