Keep your SSD solid with premium cooling”

Comprehensive Compatibility

Our M.2 Heatsink is designed to meet all your SSD cooling needs. It is a 2280 M.2 SSD heatsink so it will work on almost all major SSDs,
compatible with both Single and Double sided SSDs and
is also compatible for PS5 use!

Top of the Line Quality for Maximum Cooling

No matter what type of product Iceberg Thermal releases, we always strive to exceed the competition in quality and workmanship. Our M.2 Heatsink is no different. Its perfected design provides outstanding cooling, helping your SSD read/write as efficiently as possible.

Simple Installation

Our commitment to quality extends to installation.
Our heatsink comes packaged in sleek, earth-friendly packaging. It features the heatsink, a thermal pad and all the screws needed making it a breeze to put together and get cooling.

Longest Warranty Around

Buy with confidence as Iceberg-Thermal guarantees the life of the heatsink for up to 6 Years. Far longer than any other competitor in the market, providing you ease of mind from day one.

Heatsink Dimensions

Assembled Dimensions

“From PC to PS5, Safeguard your SSD with the best cooling around”


Designed for
Single / Double Sided Standard M.2 2280 SSDs
Material and Finishing
Black Anodized Aluminum
74 x 23.2 x 6 mm (Heatsink)
74 x 24 x 9.5 – 11.25 mm (Assembled)
Heatsink Weight
25 g
Delta Temperature
~ Δ 12°C Average

Box Content


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